Friday, January 30, 2009

Update on Grandpa Murray

Dan and I are heading to Puerto Rico so I thought would give you an update. Jess is still in the ICU at the U. they were hoping to move him to South Davis this week but he had a couple of setbacks. He had another small heart issue and now has a drain in his colon. By the way they did end up doing the tracheotomy last Saturday. If all goes well this week end they hope to move him on Monday. It would be nice to have him closer to home. Breathing is still the main problem. Even though he hasn't smoked in 30 years, 30 years of smoking has has done permanent damage. He seems to be pretty sick of the whole think and tired of not being able to communicate. I told Dan that when we are old and in the hospital our lungs will probably be fine but they will be draining chocolate out of us! Love you all...Julie

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Evening with the Jazz

Wednesday the Jazz had a night for season ticket holders to bring their kids and see the Jazz players. There was a BBQ dinner set up several different places around the arena. The lines were long and we wondered what we were doing there with Bradley and Katie. Once we got our food and headed to the lower bowl of the arena and sat down it was all good. Bradley and Katie were way excited before anything much was even going on. Of course first on the program was... the BEAR!

The Bear was as entertaining as always and a big hit with kids and adults! Here he is falling down through the basket. The fall before that one made all the men and boys grimace, Bradley included.

The Jazz players got to interact with a few of the kids playing some games.

In the middle of the games Williams took the microphone and said he had an idea for some entertainment we would enjoy. He told us that Fesenko is always dancing and Koufos is always bragging about being a good dancer but they had never seen him dance. He suggested a dance off.

Fesenko was a pretty good dancer ...


Kosta Koufos had some pretty nice moves of his own and according to the applause factor he was the winner.

Katie was great at jumping up and down and cheering for everyone! That girl needs to go to a real Jazz game!

The night culminated in autograph signings. There were 2 players at each station around the arena. Katie and Bradley both have Kirilenko Jerseys so we started with AK. After that Katie was satisfied but Bradley went for a many signatures as he could get. I think he also got Fesenko, Harpring, Scott Laden, Ronnie Price, Jarron Collins & Breven Knight. He was so excited to wear his jersey to school today.

We are guessing that Katie is concentrating hard here at holding still.

Bradley and AK

Idon't think many of you have seen this so I have to show it off since we are on the subject of the Jazz. last year Dan and I got to go to a playoff game and sit in the 3rd row. Then this year at the first of the season this poster was given out at a game. Turns out that Brent and Cindy were even at that game but they were late and didn't even see it. This was given to us by a neighbor.
Check out the right below the Jazz Logo.

Anyway, Wednesday we had a super fun time with Bradley and Katie, thank goodness for grand kids!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks to all of you for you concern. Dan has been Dan...very positive, but as he talks to doctors and nurses reality is is setting in. They have said nothing to the effect that he is not going to make it but they don't say anything to the contrary either. They did not do the tracheotomy today, we don't know why but he now has a problem with his pancreas too.
Thanks for you thoughts and prayers, keep them coming...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dan's Dad

I thought I should let you all know that Dan's dad, Jess, has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now. He suffered an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm(thank goodness for spell check) . He started not feeling well the day of Brent and Cindy's wedding. By that Thursday Doris thought he was dieing and called the paramedics. The aneurysm did not burst until he was in the hospital but he hadn't felt well because blood was leaking into his stomach. Less than 50% of the people that have this surgery survive the surgery. He did well with the surgery but is having a hard time breathing. Tomorrow they will do a Tracheotomy to help him breath.

They almost lost him the other day when trying to reinsert the breathing tube. He is being kept slightly sedated so there hasn't been much communication.

He is at the U hospital, Dan has gone up almost every day.

Terri came in from Dallas and is staying with Doris, getting her to the hospital and back. We are very grateful that she is not working now and is able to be here.

I'll try to keep you posted...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I thought you might like to read our announcement in the Davis Co. Clipper. We wanted something a little different so Sarah took matters into her hands. Brent didn't care for the first draft so she tried again. He was fine with the 2nd one but I still edited it a little.
Look how our family has grown!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Our happy day!

Waiting outside the temple

What a wonderful day all though a bit windy and cold. My camera was passed around by a few people, I think I only took 2 pictures so thanks to those who helped, Kane and Stephen.

After a nice ceremony and pictures at the Temple we went to Davis Park Golf Course for a lunch/dinner. Both the fathers said a few words and then Brent & Cindy expressed a few thoughts of thanks. We would like to thank all of you for you love and support of our happy occasion. We are getting another great addition to our family and are very blessed to have to great Son-in laws and now a daughter-in law. The reception was in Kaysville and was very, very nice. We felt a lot of love and support from family and friends, even though the Ute's were playing in a bowl game that night!

We couldn't be more blessed!!!

Brent and Cindy Murray!!!

Katie fell in love with Cindy the first time she saw her. She seems to like her more than she likes Brent. That's only fair since Cindy's niece seems to likes Brent the best!

Notice not only the gorgeous dress but the tight grip of their hands... it's like they think eternity is going to slip away!

Here is Katie posing for a picture with her fantastic headdress. She is a smart girl and insisted on roses! She threw me about 5 poses real fast, just like a model.

The happy parents! Not the greatest picture, we are really all in black not navy blue like it looks.

The cake was made by one of Brent's fellow architecture students and his wife.
Cindy really likes polka dots!

She looks like she will throw the bouquet to the crowd behind her, but she turns around and tosses it to her sister Amy! A bride can do anything she wants on her wedding day!
We all wish Amy good luck...
There really is a crowd behind her, the picture didn't turn out.

We'll share some of the professional pictures when they are available.