Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Our happy day!

Waiting outside the temple

What a wonderful day all though a bit windy and cold. My camera was passed around by a few people, I think I only took 2 pictures so thanks to those who helped, Kane and Stephen.

After a nice ceremony and pictures at the Temple we went to Davis Park Golf Course for a lunch/dinner. Both the fathers said a few words and then Brent & Cindy expressed a few thoughts of thanks. We would like to thank all of you for you love and support of our happy occasion. We are getting another great addition to our family and are very blessed to have to great Son-in laws and now a daughter-in law. The reception was in Kaysville and was very, very nice. We felt a lot of love and support from family and friends, even though the Ute's were playing in a bowl game that night!

We couldn't be more blessed!!!

Brent and Cindy Murray!!!

Katie fell in love with Cindy the first time she saw her. She seems to like her more than she likes Brent. That's only fair since Cindy's niece seems to likes Brent the best!

Notice not only the gorgeous dress but the tight grip of their hands... it's like they think eternity is going to slip away!

Here is Katie posing for a picture with her fantastic headdress. She is a smart girl and insisted on roses! She threw me about 5 poses real fast, just like a model.

The happy parents! Not the greatest picture, we are really all in black not navy blue like it looks.

The cake was made by one of Brent's fellow architecture students and his wife.
Cindy really likes polka dots!

She looks like she will throw the bouquet to the crowd behind her, but she turns around and tosses it to her sister Amy! A bride can do anything she wants on her wedding day!
We all wish Amy good luck...
There really is a crowd behind her, the picture didn't turn out.

We'll share some of the professional pictures when they are available.


Ang said...

Congratulations to the darling couple!! I love an event that everyone gets to dress up and look so dang cute! You never can post enough pictures for those of us who are far away, I can't wait to see more.

Congrats again, love you and really missed seeing you all up close and personal over the holiday season!

~Cynthia~ said...

Oh, and, I am really hoping the photographer got a shot of that bouquet throw. I didn't have my camera ready, and I know her camera was originally focused on the bunch of girls waiting for the throw, but Cindy and Amy looked adorable during that bouquet throw that caught us all of guard. It was a cute moment.

~Cynthia~ said...

I posted that comment and just noticed my original comment never showed up.

The whole day was fantastic despite the cold and snow. Dan did a great job or hosting and entertaining at the luncheon which was delicious. The centerpieces were really nice. Such a simple idea and so great looking.

The decorations at the reception were really nice. I loved the table centerpieces. Again, simple, but classy and cute. The japanese lanterns looked wonderful and went right along her polka dot theme as polka dots in the sky.

Everything seemed to go just perfectly. I hope they both enjoyed there day.

The ride home was a white-knuckle event, and I was hoping as I was driving in the blizzard, unable to see the lines on the road, that they were making it to their hotel okay, since they left just before I did.

Denise said...

The wedding looks fabulous! I am sorry I missed it. I had so much time off from my injury I just could not get out of work.

Grandmajoann said...

The whole day was very special. I do hope they get home without any accidents, sickness, etc. You just never know when you leave home how things will go. They certainly had a lovely day to remember and bunches of friends and family to support them, and oh, yes, presents to open! I am looking forward to more pictures. The ones I took turned out very good and the reception was beautiful.