Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Ride on the Legacy Park Bike Trail

Here we are on the Glover's Lane Pedestrian Walkway. After riding from home to Glover's Lane we are ready to begin...we will be riding South.

This is looking south from th top of Glover's Lane, they have done a good job of making everything look nice.

This is the view from the pedestrian walkway, looking north into Farmington. You can see the bike trail on the left extending north.

A beautiful view as you ride along. We had a mixed bag of weather that morning.

There are a few of these fun wooden bridges to get you over the spots of water.

We thought for sure we would be dumped on but we weren't. This is looking to the East, I really like this picture, not bad for taking it while riding!

This is the On Ramp in Centerville.

This tunnel goes right under the Parkway. Here is where we switch from the road being on the East to the West.

There are several places like this along the Trail where you can park you car and grab your bike. If I am ever going to do the whole trail in one ride I'm sure that's what I'll have to do. Getting old sucks! That brings us to pages Lane and the end of the trail for now. There are a lot of nice landscape features to the north and the south of where we rode. I'm looking forward to this saturday to hopefully do another part. It was a lot more relaxing before it was open and we had it to ourselves!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Day at Discovery Gateway

Dan and I, Jessica, Bradley and Katie all went to Discovery Gateway. I totally forgot I took pictures until I got the camera out to take pictures of Dan's car. Here is some of the fun we had...
Here Grandpa and Katie doing a newscast...

Bradley's favorite things was the Life flight Helicopter.

He also had fun sending the balls up the tubes.

I think Katie died and went to heaven when she

saw what seemed to be her dream kitchen.

Bradley filled the car with gas and took grandpa for a ride.

He also climbed the climbing wall.

Grandpa and Katie are just chilli'n , listening to
music after having some ice cream

Katie is making her getaway after giving a donation
to the musicians.

Here we are on Trax heading back to Front Runner
for the ride home.

We had a lot of fun and did too many things to list them all!

Partner in Fun

Here is my Wee Fit partner doing her Yoga work out!

Like Grandma, like granddaughter! I'm glad I can be such a good influence...

Dan's Toy

Until Sheryl and Jen came over last week and Sheryl asked about it, I forgot that not all of you have seen Dan's new toy! He's actually had it for about a year but if you subtract the time it's been in the shop he's had it about 6 months. You should see him grin when he drives it. The Triumph TR6 is a British car that came out the year he graduated from High School. He has wanted one ever since. I am so spoiled I'm glad he finally got something for himself!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Was Legacy worth it?

Today was the big trial for Legacy...the the results are in! (At least from Brent and Jessica.)
Brent's first words when he walked in the house were...I LOVE LEGACY!!!
Neither of them drove on it but I-15 was great, Brent made it home from school in 15 min. and Jessica was home about 20 min. sooner than usual. For the first day at least it was worth every penny!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have a confession...


It is like playing a game against myself and I keep playing to beat myself just knowing that I can get a better score. Actually I do enjoy the few times I beat my kids too. It's all fun, the yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games.
I have even lost a couple of pounds having fun!! Oh, the joy's of being a spoiled stay at home mom & grandma.

Everyone is welcome to come give it a try!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurray for Legacy Parkway

I am excited for the opening of Legacy Parkway this Saturday! No I don't commute but there is a nice paved bike/walking path the whole length of the road. In the last 2 weeks Dan and I have snuck on 3 times and biked almost the whole thing, which is only 18 miles, and it's so nice. I have wanted to ride my bike during the day but there is so much traffic I'm always to nervous to do it. Now I have a safe place to ride. They have done a very nice job on the Parkway, everything is quite attractive. It should make Dan's commute a little smoother as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One more look...

Just one more look of Brent's trip to Sarah's. Sarah decided she wanted to paint a mural on one of her walls. What a perfect thing for a crazy brother and sister to do. Brent came up with the basic design and Sarah the embellishments.

I also got to take my annual trip to Nashville in the springtime. I was lucky enough to be able to cheer Sarah on as she ran a 5K. She did great in the pouring rain. It was fun to go out with her friends to dinner and a night of bowling. It's fun to go and get a feel for her life there. This is a friend and fellow teacher, Kara, (not to be confused with her former room mate Kara) that ran with Sarah. It was Kara's first 5K.

Monday, September 8, 2008

More Of Our Summer Fun

This is Lake Blanche taken by Brent this summer.

Here he is at the top of Lone Peak. Another fun adventure he took..

To answer Rick's question Brent likes to play more than work! It just so happens that Brent's employer gave him more vacation time than he was supposed to so Brent kept taking it! In Brent's defence he didn't know until he had pretty much used it all so they didn't worry about it. Talk about a good boss!

This summer Brent also went to Flaming Gorge with his singles ward for a couple of days, in the rain, but they had fun anyway. He and Dan also went on their annual baseball trip to Colorado to cheer for the Dodgers. They get great seats right behind home plate all the free food you can eat! Brent makes good use of that by ordering something each inning. Yes, he does end up with a stomach ache. His friend Craig will vouch for that.

Get excited, more of our summer fun to come...I know you can't wait!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I, like Jolyn, don't have much to write about so I live though my children. Brent also went back packing in Glacier Nat'l Park for a couple of days. If you look real close you can see one of the bears they encountered. I love the pictures of the clear lake water, I have never seen such clear water!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A trip to Sarah's

Brent went to visit Sarah this summer for a few days. While there they tried their hand at Frisbee Golf, here are the results or should I say performance. They do have fun together. I promise these are all very short. While there Brent also tried out for Blueman Group, too bad he didn't make it, but he did have fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Here is some more fun from our family picture day!

While Sarah was here this summer we attempted
doing our own family pictures. Not bad except for
one grumpy face, she smiled in all the others!