Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Ride on the Legacy Park Bike Trail

Here we are on the Glover's Lane Pedestrian Walkway. After riding from home to Glover's Lane we are ready to begin...we will be riding South.

This is looking south from th top of Glover's Lane, they have done a good job of making everything look nice.

This is the view from the pedestrian walkway, looking north into Farmington. You can see the bike trail on the left extending north.

A beautiful view as you ride along. We had a mixed bag of weather that morning.

There are a few of these fun wooden bridges to get you over the spots of water.

We thought for sure we would be dumped on but we weren't. This is looking to the East, I really like this picture, not bad for taking it while riding!

This is the On Ramp in Centerville.

This tunnel goes right under the Parkway. Here is where we switch from the road being on the East to the West.

There are several places like this along the Trail where you can park you car and grab your bike. If I am ever going to do the whole trail in one ride I'm sure that's what I'll have to do. Getting old sucks! That brings us to pages Lane and the end of the trail for now. There are a lot of nice landscape features to the north and the south of where we rode. I'm looking forward to this saturday to hopefully do another part. It was a lot more relaxing before it was open and we had it to ourselves!


Ang said...

What a great trail, and I am very glad you old folks didn't break a hip while riding and taking pictures at the same time!!! Note to you, if you are getting older so are we, and we are not happy about it either. Sigh.

I am really missing side walks. I guess when they built Erie city they really did not include side walks in the plan, I hate running or walking on these narrow streets, especially with my really smart, well behaved dog.

Jen said...

That looks like fun! I should have someone help me put my bike rack back on my car and check out the trail for myself.

Mom said...

LOL, Ang your dog is.....well one of the dumbest dogs I have ever met. She is cute though.

The trail looks fabulous. I wish I were ambitious enough to ride a bike. I want to be...but I'm just not. Maybe the heat is a factor.

Grandmajoann said...

Oh, I must get on the highway so I can see all this. How very nice it looks and maybe one day I will ride my bike on it also. I am old, but I can still ride a bike!

Mike & Kira said...

Mike and I want to try that sometime, looks like fun! I haven't even been over to drive on it yet, I should get to it!