Sunday, September 7, 2008

I, like Jolyn, don't have much to write about so I live though my children. Brent also went back packing in Glacier Nat'l Park for a couple of days. If you look real close you can see one of the bears they encountered. I love the pictures of the clear lake water, I have never seen such clear water!


~Cynthia~ said...

Those picture remind me of my backpacking days. I wish I was still in the shape to do that. I can imagine all the scenery there must have been awesome. I'm glad Brent didn't have a closer encounter with that bear!!

Okay, I'm with you all on the scrambled letter thing...I usually don't have a problem with them but this is my 4th time!!

Ang said...

Oh my gosh, the bear picture is so great, definately one to click on to blow up to get the full affect.

Well I am glad you are keeping us up to date on your children that have not yet set up blogs of there own!

Mom said...

Rick wants to know how come Brent is so lucky he gets to go traveling all the time to all these beautiful places? Lucky kid. We want a job like that.

Those pictures are terrific, and I agree with Angie, the picture of the bear is very cool if you blow it up. Looks like he was standing right there!

Jen said...

Those are some fantastic photos!