Thursday, July 23, 2009

Will "Golf Fever" Pass on to the Next Generation?

It has been a crazy summer so far but I think things are slowing down now other then Kaylan is heading to Colorado next month for work so I will have Katie and Bradley more. But that is not what this post is about, we will get to that later. This is all about Bradley!
Grandpa Dan bought Bradley his own set of golf clubs. He has to have his own since he is the only Lefty in the family. I think maybe Grandpa is trying to stock pile golf partners so he will always have someone to go with.
Here is the dude with his clubs and a bucket of balls.

Grandpa shows him how to hold the clubs and how to swing.
After a few swings and misses Bradley told me that it's a lot easier to golf when it's a game like the WII. He never got frustrated but was surprised that it was so hard.

Here he is swinging quite like a pro. He didn't want to keep figuring out the grip so I kept teeing up the balls for him and he would hit them.

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Brent and Sarah joined us and we played a round. Bradley hit now and then and putted. He was also all to happy to drive Brent around the course. Brent enjoyed it to except when Bradley drove right over his ball...oooops!

Here he is on the 8th hole, does he look like he's had a fun time???