Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just kidding...I guess, who really knows?

If I ever need to be hospitalized please, please don't take me to the U. Doris was supposed to have her surgery last night at 9:00. They changed it to 8:00 a.m. and told Dan that if he was here by 10:00 that would be about when she would be back in her room. When he got there she hadn't had the surgery yet. Then they bring her some food and the family says she can't have food, she is going to surgery. Then they are informed that she is not having surgery, they decided what they saw on the ex ray is an old fracture so she does not have a broken hip! She is feeling quite well and will have a few more tests & will be home in a couple of days, mind you they still don't know what is causing the black outs. Of the 3 experiences we have had at that hospital none have been very good or impressive.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Fun (?) continues...

Sunday after church Doris drove over to our house for dinner. She came in and we said our Hello's. Doris picked up a picture from the end table to look at it. Next thing I know I hear a big thud and Kane yelling for a towel. Kellie was the only one to see it happen, Doris' eyes glazed, and legs going out from under her. She fell on to our hardwood floor. The fall woke her up, she was bleeding pretty good from a cut near her eyebrow. She didn't know what had happened. As soon as she fell, Kane had Kellie call 911. When the paramedics came she was phasing out again, they gave her oxygen and that helped. She was taken to Lakeview Hospital for a few tests and then transferred to the U for a Neurological exam. We were all so happy to be done going to the U as Jess was transferred to South Davis Medical center a couple of weeks ago. He is still about the same, not much change there. Anyway we are now visiting 2 hospitals.

Doris had a similar incident a few weeks ago with Dan at Costco. They were waiting for a prescription, her eyes glazed and her body lightly trembling. At least she was sitting down that time. She will be having surgery for a broken hip tonight which I assume will be followed by Physichal Therapy.

Maybe Jess and Doris can be roommates after her surgery!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A day of Doctors

With a family vacation to New York coming up in two months I decided it was time to get rid of an ingrown toenail I have had for years. I went to the podiatrist yesterday morning and an hour later the problem was fixed. I have a big old bandage on my toe that can't get wet for 2 days and some cream to be applied once a day. Not bad, why didn't I do it sooner you might ask. Because the older I get the more chicken I get. I did forget about the corn on the other foot so when I go back I hope to remember to have that removed as well. Then I can walk around New York pain free!!! A few hours later I was at the Eye Doctor. I also decided that I wanted to try contacts. I wore them for about 4 hours and they were fine. However they are not bifocals and I still need reading glasses. I'm not real thrilled with that. I go back in a week and I think I would like to try the bifocal ones. The big est problem is the dry eye. At times my eye's water and I can't see, it drives me crazy, sometimes it runs right down my face. Hopefully the contacts keep the water in my eye better. It took me some time to get the contact's out and just as I got the last one out Brent called and had sliced his finger with a kitchen knife. It was bleeding pretty good. He wanted to know where the closest place was to go for stitches. I was a bit nervous as he sounded like he was a bit woozy. I offered to take him some were but luckily Cindy got home and took care of him. Nine stitches later they were enjoying themselves at the Jazz game. GO JAZZIf things come in 3's as least we should be done with Dr. visits.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed,,,

Last week Dan and I spent a few days with Sarah. We arrived in the midst of house buying. As we left all that was left was the home inspection. I talked to her this morning and she was at the house with the inspectors. She thought she could so around the house with them and get the scoop as they went, but there was no talking. Since her video wasn't very clear Grandma Joann requested that I take pictures. I have been trying to blog this for 3 days now but my computer is acting up. Kellie helped me get around the problem. The pictures load just fine but then it won't let me type very easily. If anyone has had this problem let me know.
Back to business...This is Sarah's, hopefully, Living room, note the heater in the wall. She will be Getting Central air and heating but this this wall furnace will be the inspiration for some retro decorating. Apparently my computer will not let me close the gap between pictures either, bare with me...nor will it let me type in any other space so on we go. The next 2 pictures are, of course, the kitchen. In the closet is a washer, she is looking at buying a stackable washer and dryer. She will also have to purchase a fridge and stove, again thank goodness for the government incentives. She would love to keep the blue curtains but on further inspection they are very dirty so I am waiting to here the outcome of their fate.
The next 2 pictures are one of the two bedrooms, they are pretty much identical.
Obviously the bathroom is next then the outside. That takes us to the point that my dear computer abandoned me. Notice her, again hopefully her, Gorgeous Magnolia tree in bloom. I'm jealous.
Like I said, Keep your fingers crossed that my cute daughter will soon be living the American Dream.
And once again let me know if you have a clue to my computer problems. Please forgive the spelling, I can't change it..

Isn't this a fun red front porch? According to code she has to put a railing on it, she is not happy about that. She would like to take out the tree that is covering the window.

Here are stairs to nowhere, obviously the previous owner eventually needed a ramp to get in the house so the side stairs just got blocked off. The following pictures are the side yard and back yard. It's all a bit overgrown as the house has not been occupied for a few years. I'd love to spend time with Sarah to work in her yard. Go figure, I don't want to work in my yard, it must be about the company. She has a bigger yard than we do!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bradley's 2nd Grade Program

Bradley had a Patriotic School Program last Friday. It was very well done and fun to watch. I get the honor of blogging it since Jessica forgot her camera. It was a lot of fun as the kids came marching in and around and around the gym. They not only marched around the gym but in all kinds of formations with flags, signs etc. This picture is quite blurry but what can you expect with lots of marching kids!
Bradley was very focused on marching...that or he knew I had a camera pointed in his direction.

The kids learned a lot of songs for this program and I think Bradley loved every one. He sang his heart out.
This is a lot of the group, you can see that there were a few kids dressed as patriotic hero's such as Washington, Lincoln, Betsy Ross, etc. who spoke about their characters.

They sang a fun son about voting...
and a song about family, does this kid look like his dad or what! Here Bradley got to sing at the microphone, too bad the girl was the only brave one to get close to the microphone. Bradley loves to sing, Jessica has brought her kids up on music and they love it.
This was pretty impressive. For the grand finale they signed to Neil Diamond's Coming to America. I guess Bradley is forever singing it at home, but here they didn't sing, just signed. They did a great job. Way to go Bradley on a great program!!

After the program everyone was invited to go to the class room, Jessica and Katie did,I had to run to get to Bowling. Where are my priorities? I did miss 1 game to see the program...well worth it! Today I got to go to Grandparents day and have lunch with him. Being a Grandma sure is fun and rewarding!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Grandpa and Grandma Field Trip

When Bradley heard in church that there was a temple open house he wanted to go so he could see inside the temple. We thought that would be a fun field trip so we got online to get reservations. Of course by the time we did there were no times available except during school. We asked Bradley if he would like to get out early on a short day or a regular day. He chose a regular day so he could miss math. They learn so young!
We had heard horror stories of it taking people 5 hours to get through the Temple. I guess it was a good thing to get out of school, we breezed through. When we were done we asked them what they thought, this is what Bradley said, " I'm not really into church stuff but it was pretty cool".

They both thought it was pretty cool to go on a bus, especially when you get a window seat.

Here we are outside after the tour. After being served cookies and taking our pictures we are ready to get back on the bus for our the ride back to our car. I do believe the bus ride was Katie's favorite part.

Sorry same picture and I can't seem to delete it. I really need a lesson on this stuff...

I think we did accomplish getting a portrait portfolio for Katie. Bring out the camera on the bus and she's all about posing. Twice in the temple she was told how pretty her hair is and both times she popped into a pose. She loves to have curly hair!

Just a side note on Jess. He has been quite depressed as you can imagine, he is still at the U in intermediate care. He is still collecting fluid in his abdomen. It's a problem that has to heal itself. They were going to put a shunt in to help the drainage but first they think he has an infection so they can't, then they say it's getting better on it's own, then they say they can't do a shunt because of an infection...who knows. The good thing is that Jess seemed to be in better spirits yesterday, he actually had his glasses on and was watching TV, some thing he hasn't done since being in the hospital.