Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed,,,

Last week Dan and I spent a few days with Sarah. We arrived in the midst of house buying. As we left all that was left was the home inspection. I talked to her this morning and she was at the house with the inspectors. She thought she could so around the house with them and get the scoop as they went, but there was no talking. Since her video wasn't very clear Grandma Joann requested that I take pictures. I have been trying to blog this for 3 days now but my computer is acting up. Kellie helped me get around the problem. The pictures load just fine but then it won't let me type very easily. If anyone has had this problem let me know.
Back to business...This is Sarah's, hopefully, Living room, note the heater in the wall. She will be Getting Central air and heating but this this wall furnace will be the inspiration for some retro decorating. Apparently my computer will not let me close the gap between pictures either, bare with me...nor will it let me type in any other space so on we go. The next 2 pictures are, of course, the kitchen. In the closet is a washer, she is looking at buying a stackable washer and dryer. She will also have to purchase a fridge and stove, again thank goodness for the government incentives. She would love to keep the blue curtains but on further inspection they are very dirty so I am waiting to here the outcome of their fate.
The next 2 pictures are one of the two bedrooms, they are pretty much identical.
Obviously the bathroom is next then the outside. That takes us to the point that my dear computer abandoned me. Notice her, again hopefully her, Gorgeous Magnolia tree in bloom. I'm jealous.
Like I said, Keep your fingers crossed that my cute daughter will soon be living the American Dream.
And once again let me know if you have a clue to my computer problems. Please forgive the spelling, I can't change it..

Isn't this a fun red front porch? According to code she has to put a railing on it, she is not happy about that. She would like to take out the tree that is covering the window.

Here are stairs to nowhere, obviously the previous owner eventually needed a ramp to get in the house so the side stairs just got blocked off. The following pictures are the side yard and back yard. It's all a bit overgrown as the house has not been occupied for a few years. I'd love to spend time with Sarah to work in her yard. Go figure, I don't want to work in my yard, it must be about the company. She has a bigger yard than we do!


Ang said...

It is so exciting! What a darling home, the floors look like they are really good condition (I love our hardwood floors). I will be crossing my fingers... can't wait to see it when she is all moved in!

Julie said...

Thanks to Jessica for helping me figure my problems!!!

~Cynthia~ said...

How very exciting for her. It looks so clean and ready to be lived in, and like Angie said, the floors look really good. That is a lot of yard to take care of but should be fun to decide what to do with it all. I hope it all works out. It will be fun to see the house after she puts her own personality into it, because we all know she has lots of personality!

Mike and Kira said...

That's a nice house, I like the stairway to nothing! Cute house!

Sheryl said...

The house is adorable. I am so excited for her. I wonder if she would trade.......