Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just kidding...I guess, who really knows?

If I ever need to be hospitalized please, please don't take me to the U. Doris was supposed to have her surgery last night at 9:00. They changed it to 8:00 a.m. and told Dan that if he was here by 10:00 that would be about when she would be back in her room. When he got there she hadn't had the surgery yet. Then they bring her some food and the family says she can't have food, she is going to surgery. Then they are informed that she is not having surgery, they decided what they saw on the ex ray is an old fracture so she does not have a broken hip! She is feeling quite well and will have a few more tests & will be home in a couple of days, mind you they still don't know what is causing the black outs. Of the 3 experiences we have had at that hospital none have been very good or impressive.


Sheryl said...

YIKES! That is actually quite frightening. Added to Dad's experience there, I am thinking I would ask to go ANYWHERE else.

I know it is a teaching hospital, but good grief.

I'm glad that she didn't have to have surgery. Are they doing anything to diagnose the blackouts?

Ang said...

I dread clinical rotations and residency!!!! Lexi had her stitches put in by a student doctor, it was pretty scary watching him fumble around, and doubly scary that I would be doing it in a year or two.

Geriatric patients are complicated (usually multiple things going on and they are taking a handful of pills to complicate things)... the differential diagnoses are about 2 pages long for dizziness and fainting, not an easy thing to figure out.

Sorry you are having so many bad experiences, it totally sucks to wait and wonder. Good luck and try to stay sane!!

Julie said...

There are a couple of more tests they will do in trying to figure it out. She has done so well for a long time considering she was diagnosed with MS about 30 years ago. This is the first time she has been in a hospital other than having babies. Not bad for being 78 years old.

Mike and Kira said...

My dad actually works for the U hospital, but in their IT department, and I will never go there either! I saw an infertility doctor at that hospital who was TERRIBLE! So I agree, they don't know what they're doing up there!

Ang said...

I was just talking to one of my friends here at school who used to be a physical therapist and I thought he mentioned that a lot of MS patients he worked with had issues with vertigo... I don't know.

I would say that for 78 it sounds like she has done pretty good for herself, hope it gets figured out soon, for everyones sake.

Denise said...

This is really turning into a medical nightmare isn't it? I hope things start looking up. No dreams lately! I can't tell you how it ends! love you!