Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bradley's 2nd Grade Program

Bradley had a Patriotic School Program last Friday. It was very well done and fun to watch. I get the honor of blogging it since Jessica forgot her camera. It was a lot of fun as the kids came marching in and around and around the gym. They not only marched around the gym but in all kinds of formations with flags, signs etc. This picture is quite blurry but what can you expect with lots of marching kids!
Bradley was very focused on marching...that or he knew I had a camera pointed in his direction.

The kids learned a lot of songs for this program and I think Bradley loved every one. He sang his heart out.
This is a lot of the group, you can see that there were a few kids dressed as patriotic hero's such as Washington, Lincoln, Betsy Ross, etc. who spoke about their characters.

They sang a fun son about voting...
and a song about family, does this kid look like his dad or what! Here Bradley got to sing at the microphone, too bad the girl was the only brave one to get close to the microphone. Bradley loves to sing, Jessica has brought her kids up on music and they love it.
This was pretty impressive. For the grand finale they signed to Neil Diamond's Coming to America. I guess Bradley is forever singing it at home, but here they didn't sing, just signed. They did a great job. Way to go Bradley on a great program!!

After the program everyone was invited to go to the class room, Jessica and Katie did,I had to run to get to Bowling. Where are my priorities? I did miss 1 game to see the program...well worth it! Today I got to go to Grandparents day and have lunch with him. Being a Grandma sure is fun and rewarding!!!!


Sheryl said...

What a fun program! That boy does indeed look like his dad. Isn't it crazy how genes work?

I think it is really cool that the kids love music. There are so many ways to listen to it now that weren't available even when our kids were little.

Good job Bradley. It looks like you did an awesome job!

~Cynthia~ said...

It looks like a lot of work went into preparing that program. You have to appreciate whoever it is who takes the time to script, organize, and teach the kids. I would never have the patience, so I admire those who are willing to give kids these opportunities to perform, because the kids really love doing it.

Ang said...

Way to go Bradley!

I love school programs, I still tear up every time I go watch my kids... it is a little embarrassing!

Grandmajoann said...

Great job Bradley. I really wanted to come to it also. Next time you have a program I WILL BE THERE. I am so glad that you love to sing and be on programs. Keep it up. One day you will be the STAR!

Jen said...

It looks like it was a great program. I keep forgetting how old Bradley is. For some reason he will forever be about 4 years old to me, and it startles me each time I see him.