Monday, September 15, 2008

Was Legacy worth it?

Today was the big trial for Legacy...the the results are in! (At least from Brent and Jessica.)
Brent's first words when he walked in the house were...I LOVE LEGACY!!!
Neither of them drove on it but I-15 was great, Brent made it home from school in 15 min. and Jessica was home about 20 min. sooner than usual. For the first day at least it was worth every penny!


Grandmajoann said...

Hurray! I was wanting to hear that good news. How wonderful for all those workers going to Salt Lake and further. Time can be used much better than waiting in a long long line of traffic.

DHS Child Care Center said...

Once again I have to echo Brent. I LOVE Legacy Highway!

Matt-n-Jef said...

since I have been out of the Utah loop for so long. Legacy is a new freeway right? where is it located?

Julie said...

Legacy goes from I-215 to Farmington. People on 215 can take it insted of merging on to I-15 which is where it always backed up. Jessica said that first day there were only 2 cars makeing that merge.