Monday, September 8, 2008

More Of Our Summer Fun

This is Lake Blanche taken by Brent this summer.

Here he is at the top of Lone Peak. Another fun adventure he took..

To answer Rick's question Brent likes to play more than work! It just so happens that Brent's employer gave him more vacation time than he was supposed to so Brent kept taking it! In Brent's defence he didn't know until he had pretty much used it all so they didn't worry about it. Talk about a good boss!

This summer Brent also went to Flaming Gorge with his singles ward for a couple of days, in the rain, but they had fun anyway. He and Dan also went on their annual baseball trip to Colorado to cheer for the Dodgers. They get great seats right behind home plate all the free food you can eat! Brent makes good use of that by ordering something each inning. Yes, he does end up with a stomach ache. His friend Craig will vouch for that.

Get excited, more of our summer fun to come...I know you can't wait!


~Cynthia~ said...

I love Lake Blanche! I have fond memories of camping on the edge of Lake Blanche on a weekend backpacking trip. I even possibly helped save it from a forest fire, as when we arrived someone had left an entire tree laying in a firepit with the end still smoldering. The rest of the tree extended many many feet out of the fire pit in the dry weeds and grasses. Such dumb people!!

We didn't continue onto Lone Peak. The view up there must be awesome.

grammasheryl said...

How come I can't get an employer who gives me all that vacation. As we all know, I am all about vacation time!

Keep the photos coming. I will live vicariously through Brent!

Ang said...

Julie, I am now going to have live through your kids as well!

Brent...Get to work, you are making us all jealous!