Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home from the Sand and Sun in Puerto Rico

If 80 degrees isn't perfect I don't know what is! It was so great to to spend a week where it was warm. Too bad they have to freeze you out in the hotel. I took a jacket every where we went, go outside, take it off, go inside put it on.
We got there Saturday night around 10 p.m. In the morning Coremark, the sponser of the trip, had a breakfast for us then we went to church at a small Spanish branch. Our group of 1o couples made up about 1/4of the congregation. It was fun, they were all so nice and most
sp0keke English. After that they had a tour of Old San Juan lined up for us. This is our group.

We had an overly zealous Tour guide that drove us nuts. He used to be a history teacher. We went to the Capital Building and inside I found this crazy politician.

While the tour guide, Paul, was going on a few of us wandered on our own.
Then we went to a fort, not just a fort, a Defencive Progressive Fort built in the 1500's. Don't call it a fort when Paul is in ear shot, he will remind you that it is a Progressive Defence Fort, and it's even better if you slam your hand down with each word.

Inside the fort


It was a pretty cool place to take pictures so I would wander until Paul would see me and he would try to reel me in again. These are a couple of my favorites.

The cruise ship is actually across the bay.

After the fort it was back on the bus to another part of town. When we got there Dan and I took off again(did you know that we were such rebels) and found a park with lots of families flying kites.

Monday we mostly stayed on the hotel beach and pool. Tuesday we rented a car with 3 couples and went to the rain forest. We walked up to a water fall, the brave ones went in.

When I look at this waterfall, I see a wedding dress.

The next day Dan got to golf so watched Twilight in the room.

Dan went on a snorkeling excursion while I went shopping with a friend.

We also went Kayaking at night, though a Mangrove forest to a Bio-Luminescent Bay. The micro_organisms in the water light up when the water is stirred up. It was pretty cool. We found out that we or mabey me can not Kayak very well. But we never fell out of the kayal like one couple did twice, the guide took the wife and put her in his Kayak and made the guy go it alone.

We had a great time but it's always nice to be home.


Ang said...

Oh it sounded lovely! Totally jealous but very glad someone got to get out of the cold for a moment.

I love that the tour guide was such a freak, there is always something like that to make the trip "extra" memorable!

Mike and Kira said...

So jealous! I need to get out of Utah! I like the pictures you took while being rebelious and sneaking off! Really pretty!

~Cynthia~ said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip. The pictures are great. I could use some sun and sand right now. I've got a cold like Ive never had before. I've been stuffed up for 3days and have almost overdosed trying to find something to relieve it and nothing is working!!! It does clear up if I lie down, but who has time to do that!!

I'm glad you had fun despite the fanatical tour guide.

Sheryl said...

It is never nice to be home from a tropical location. The tropical location should BE home!

It looks like a good time was had by all in spite of Paul!

Matt-n-Jef said...

At least you have all enjoyed a tropical vacation. I have never been out of the U.S or even to Hawaii... LOSER HERE!!! can't afford it!! By the way Jules.. check out your page.. lots of space between this post and your last.. LOL

I guess I should feel a little lucky that I live in San Diego where the weather is most near the tropical weather 95% of the year.

Positive side Buffered...