Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Traditions Live On...

It's that fun time of year for the traditions to live on.
Bradley and Katie got to shop for a few more ornaments for
our tree. Katie inst ed on 2 because Bradley has
more the her. We lucked out, ornaments were on sale and
it was $7 for all three.
The next day is was time to do our houses.
Here is a sample of our fun.
Did you notice on the first picture how
serious Brent gets?
For those who make theirs quickly it's time to
Let the decorating begin!

A thoughtful Katie.

We asked Bradley why he was just standing around,
he said his dad was doing it all and hadn't told him
the plan.

This is the creation of Kaylan and Bradley.
A hunting cabin complete with an Out House!
Great job guys...

This is Kellie's creation, very cute, we all thought
it looked like a church.

Katie's is a bit more under control than usual, she did a good job.

Cindy's house is sweet and cute just like her!

Brent's house is a replica of my housecomplete with lights! Hopefully mine is a bit sturdier.


Ang said...

I love the gingerbread houses,I am hoping to sit down with the kids this coming weekend and make some. Christmas is creeping up on me and I am not ready!

Mike and Kira said...

Cute houses, what a fun family activity! So fun to see you at Kellie's shower! We still need to do that game night. I guess it is more complicated to do anything now that we have a newborn and you guys have one on the way too in your family! We'll figure something out though.

~Cynthia~ said...

Great houses. I love them all. I thought this year we could spend some Sunday afternoons doing some Christmas activities since we have early church but every Sunday in December ended up being either someone's birthday or a family christmas party on the Findlay side of the family. I did make some sugar cookies while I was home alone yesterday, it was a pretty quiet activity.

Sheryl said...

Those are so fun. All unique and all really cute. Your house may be sturdier than the one Brent made, but not nearly as tastey!

Jen said...

How fun! I always want to do gingerbread houses with my kids at school, but it ends up being me who has to do them all.