Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A lovely Valentines Day!

I had a nice Valenti's day and thought I would share it with y0u. Dan made this great poster with what else but all my my favorite chocolate treats.
There were about 8 bags of treats that he put in these fancy bags that he then bagged up int a circle.

I also got this Hall Tree for the entry way. He spent all Saturday morning putting it together, not the most fun mornings we have had and then it's missing the trim that is supposed to go on the top. I think I will go to Pier 1 and look for a colorful pillow for the bench.
Katie made me this great card. When she got home from primary she added the the baby Jesus that she made there. When Jessica asked she added the baby Jesus she say because Jesus loves us and Valentines is all about love. I'll buy that!
I dare your to read the inside of the card. It starts around the middle, jumps up top and back down. Luckily I had Jessica to read it to me.
Jessica brought flowers and some treats for Dan and I.

We had all the kids over, other then Kane who was working, Kaylan, who is in Colorado and of course, Sarah. It was a great day. I hope your's was too!!!


Sheryl said...

How fun! You did have a lovely Valentines Day!

Ang said...

That sounds like an awesome day, I loved Katie's card, she is so stinking cute!