Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a Vacation...let's go again!

We found out that we have our own intersection in New York! Who knew! Too bad we were on a bus tour and couldn'get a family picture. At least we got a picture of the sign for proof.

It just wouldn't be a trip to New York without seeing the statue of Liberty! It was awesone to see, notice how tiny the people look who have climbed to the base look. I hope Jessica gets the chance some time to go to the top, it' the only thing she wanted to do.

A view of the skyline from across the bay. The buildings were all so amazing. You just had to look up and up. I think we did every thing they tell you not to do so you don't look like a tourest. WE ARE TOURESTS AND WE DON'T CARE IF WE LOOK THE PART! There is so much to see and do in New York it's a bit over wheling. We had a great time. It was also fun on Sunday and one rainy evening to get together in our room, eat New York style pizza and play games. Our only regret was that Kaylan and Kane could not join us. We missed them and look forward in 2 years for hopefully another trip that will work out for all.

After visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and having some lunch the crew returns to the boat for the return trip.

How do you measure who had the best time on a trip. If you say that the person that gained the most weight had the most fun then it seems that Brent had the most fun! He says that he gained 10 pounds! How can that be? Look at this picture, he is even sharing with Sarah!!

Jerry Seinfeld lives in this building the 2nd peak from the left. actually it is also the 2nd peak from the right as well! I guess we could say the middle too. Sarah and Brent are big fans. They wanted to do all things Jerry Seinfeld. Sarah did buy the Black and White cookies they talk about on the show to share with friends. She said they were yummy!

Here are Brent and Cindy on the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked Half way up, took pictures and then came back. That after walking forever just to get on the bridge. If memory serves I think this is the only bridge made for walking, bikes and cars. Can I just say here that I felt parts of my legs and hips that I have never felt before, by Friday I didn't think I could walk any more!

We found the Manhattan Temple, they let us go in and see the stained glass doors. We also went up to the business floor and visited with one of the senior missionaries. It was very nice on the inside. The outside blended in with the other buildings other than on the front was "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Saturday Mornings are apparently their busiest times. I'd like to go into the building next door and see Angel Moroni staring back at me.

Jessica mentioned how Broadway had shut down the street, here is a picture of it with people relaxing and hanging out.

This was another street that was blocked off with chairs to relax in. A great place to people watch. While we were sitting there it was raining so we didn't stay too long. The number of taxi's in the city is nuts. I don't remember the number so any of my family that does can share that info.

Who can pass up a 3 story M&M Store? Especially one with a big screen and a M&M guy on the Empire State Building! I actually don't eat as many as i used to but I did buy some cute M&M place mats.

The girls got in a little shopping, Sarah and Kellie got some fun things at this "Strawberry" Store. You can't so to New York and not shop for heavens sake!! We also checked out the worlds largest store...Macy's, where Katie scored the most with a dress from her mom and a cute embroidered blouse from grandpa.

This is the "Wicked" group, Jessica and her kids already have the sound track memorized!

Brent wanted pictures of buildings, I wanted pictures of my they are.


Ang said...

What an awesome vacation! It looked like you guys had a blast. You need to get those property rights figured out on your intersection ASAP!

Jessica said...

I think he said 13,000 taxis.

~Cynthia~ said...

That just looks like too much fun. I'm glad you were all able to have a good time and return home safely. I remember when I was in New York 35 years ago how insane the traffic and taxis were, and I'm sure it is even worse now. I would love to go back though. My visting teacher who is a regular visitor says it is a much cleaner and nicer place since Rudy Giuliani cleaned it up when he was Mayor.

Jen said...

It looks like a good time was had by all. I'd like to say that I'm jealous, but I'm leaving for Cozumel next week so I'm not that jealous!

Sheryl said...

Let's try this again. I was sure I posted my comment a couple of days ago. When I came back today, there was nothing from me. :-(

It looks like you had a great time. I am envious that you got most of the family there. Those are the best vacations. It certainly does look like a walking vacation. That is good, and hopefully balances out the eating. I am hoping Jen and I do enough snorkeling to balance out our eating.

staci said...

Ok Murray's! I can't believe we were in NYC at the SAME time for heaven's sake and we didn't get together for dinner or anything! What is up with that? We even went to Wicked on the same night! How did we not run into you guys? So crazy! NYC is truly AWESOME!! I heart it!! :)