Monday, September 14, 2009


My computer seems to be working again, at least for now. I thought I would try to update you on our summer. Sarah came for 2 weeks and we always try to do as much as we can.
We made our usual IKEA trip and the Temple Open House. We also did a session at the Bountiful Temple with Dan and Brent and Cindy and had lunch in the Temple cafeteria. The food is yummy! It was Dan's first time eating there and he decided that once a month the guy's at the office should wear white shirts and eat lunch there.
We golfed about 5 times, we took Jessica's kids to her office to get their teeth cleaned, we took the family to California Pizza Kitchen and the the Harry Potter movie and and also took the wave runners out. I think every one's favorite thing was SPEEDSTREET! Everyone had to pick a name, Dan's was Old Fart and Kaylan was Death to Old Fart.
I thought you might have fun figuring out who these Speed Demons are.


Jen said...

I like Kaylan's name the best!

Alyssa Marie said...

Mmmm... I love California Pizza Kitchen!

Ang said...

I love Kaylan's name too, that is the best! We went there with Jo, Aaron and Colton one year and don't worry that Nate and Aaron were running the small children off the course (and not just our small children)!

Sheryl said...

Well, I think ya'll ought to wear those fancy hoodie things all the time. It really does wonders! LOL

It looks like a great time. You have obviously been so busy this summer that you couldn't have blogged even if the computer wasn't broken!

Sarah said...

I am the hot one (literally sweating to death) in the SpeedStreet Suit! I was the only official one! Go big or go home!

Mike and Kira said...

Temple cafeteria food seriously is the best! That sounds like a really fun time, I've never been to that speedstreet, looks fun!